Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Amuse-Bouche Game

Yummy note: So every so often, I post a weird recipe. Well, this is it. Do you have a baby shower you need to throw AND coordinate games?!  Yipes! Well, look no further, I'm here to help you with a fun game. I know it is one of the legendary disgusting games people DON'T want to play at baby showers, right up there with the dirty diaper game.. yes, you know- this one, yuck. Well, why not make a game better, yet actually fun to taste! You can use my basic baby food recipes here and begin creating fun flavors. If you'd like more ideas or recipes, leave me a comment and I'll gladly send you an email with some ideas! 

Baby Amuse-Bouche:
A baby shower game

I've made a wide variety of baby foods the last few months. For a friend's baby shower, we showcased some of Ben's food by doing a Baby Amuse-Bouche game. Participants had to taste one baby spoonful of the different purees and match it up to the correct flavor. Fun times, and a little less disgusting than some of the jarred varieties when you play that game! It turned out fun, as guests actually tasted the variety of purees instead of just passing it around sniffing the plate, haha. :) Basically, you need to give each guest,  a paper plate, spoon, pencil, and answer sheet/list. Have them write numbers on their plate around the edge; for example, if you have 8 types of food, then have them mark their plates with numbers 1-8. Then place a spoon full of each food next to the coordinating numbers. Have the guests taste the food and guess what the flavor is and mark it on their answer sheet. The guest with the most correct answers wins! You may want to have one or two more flavors (perhaps an even harder to determine flavor) set aside for a tie-breaker taste-test if needed. Enjoy! 

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