Thursday, April 21, 2011

bunny cake

Yummy note: I have to admit this is last year's bunny cake that I never blogged about! *gasp :O I know. but hey better late than never, right?! Plus it is just in time for you to make a cool Easter treat! Growing up, almost every year I think Grandma make us this cake. Grandma's cake was probably way cooler than mine will ever be, just because she had that special touch. I remember some years with coconut fur, another I think with pink frosting, jelly beans, and other cool goodness. Either way, have fun and make a cool bunny of your own. Here's our version.
Bunny Cake

One cake mix and ingredients according to mix
1 can of frosting
candies to decorate (jelly beans, fruit snacks, chocolate, coconut, etc...)

Make cake mix according to directions on box. Pour into 2 round cake pans to bake. Bake accordingly, probably about 27-35 minutes, depending on size of pans. Let cakes cool. Prepare sketch of bunny cake diagram shapes on waxed paper or freehand your cutting skills :) Cut the cake pieces as shown below.

Assemble the cake pieces on a board or tray.

Frost cake pieces. Then decorate to make a yummy funny bunny cake :)

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