Sunday, June 15, 2014

Caprese Bites

Yummy note:
This month's Secret Recipe Club selection was amazing. Everything on the Authentic Suburban Gourmet's website was just picture perfect. Lisa is one of these people I would love to go over to her place and visit with, and or course, be one of those lucky guests to be invited to one of her festive dinner parties. She has had her blog up for many years now, starting back in 2009, and her photography skills have always been pretty top notch which truly makes her blog so appealing. I often look back at my fellow bloggers at their earlier years, as you can see how they progress and how the blog changes, especially in the digital age, people often switch to different photography styles. But Lisa's is picture perfect- since the beginning, so hats off to Authentic Suburban Gourmet. I mean she has dishes on there that I'm not a fan of, and typically wouldn't eat, like these Deviled Eggs, but the way she photographed them, made me want to try it out almost! The eggs looks so dreamy like frosting!  I knew I wanted to feature something from her Friday Night Bites series, as she had several delectable recipes that I had a hard time selecting from. So I did what any of you do, and try out a few :) I'll feature the Caprese Bites recipe, with some inspiration from this recipe as well, as my kids like pepperoni better than salami. 

Caprese Bites

original located here 

12 small mozzarella balls
12 basil leaves
12 slices of pepperoni or salami
12 cherry tomatoes
24 toothpicks
Extra virgin olive oil Sea salt or Fleur de sel

Cut the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls in half, the short direction. Then, slice the basil leaves in half lengthwise. Finally, cut the pepperoni and/or salami in half. Next comes the assembly- Put the cherry tomato next to the mozzarella ball, it should form like a small ball when put together. Next wrap the half basil leaf and half salami or pepperoni around that. Secure caprese bite with a toothpick. Continue to assemble bites. Once all are assembled, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt for tasting. This makes about 24 appetizers.
Yummy Note:
I had some fresh basil growing abundant in my garden patio planter, so I thought this was a perfect fit for this caprese bites recipe. 

Some more basil hanging out on my windowsill. Did I mention I really like fresh basil? ;) 

The key players - mozzarella, little cherry tomatoes, basil, pepperoni or salami, a quality extra virgin olive oil, and some sea salt. 

Look at these fresh ingredients, ready to be assembled into a delicious appetizer.

Now the tricky part, wrapping the basil and pepperoni/salami around those little buggers!

All cute, almost too cute to eat. Ok, really, it's ready to be devoured :) Finish off with some evoo and sea salt.


  1. You just make me smile so BIG! Thank you for the all of the kind words. Glad you picked these as a Friday Night Bite selection - it has been wildly popular and so tasty! Love that you grew your own basil which I am sure made it extra special!!!!

  2. What a wonderful recipe and Great SRC pick!! Can't wait to try this recipe:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  3. Ohhh yummy! What a fun appetizer and so elegant!

  4. Those look like a perfect little appetizer!

  5. Your basil looks so beautiful. Love caprese salad as a wonderful, easy snack. Great SRC post!

  6. I just had a caprese type sammie today - I swear I eat some some version of tomato/basil/mozz at least weekly all summer long so loving these bites!

  7. So cute. You are right, almost too cute to eat!! Like you with deviled eggs, makes me wish I liked raw tomatoes!!