Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi (3.14) Day!

Yummy note: I should let my husband do the blog for this day since he's the big math whiz in the family, but I suppose I do a Pi(e) theme in my own way. Haha.. We celebrated 3.14 - Pi Day with a homemade layered pudding pie! I started with a handed down pudding recipe from my mom's mother, Alice. It originally had milk and eggs in this recipe, but I modified it a bit this time to see what would happen if I omitted the eggs, and changed the milk to a soy milk instead. The results were pretty good for a dairy-free and egg-less pudding. Yes, the texture was a bit off, as it was a tad spongy rather than silky smooth for a pudding, but it had a nice flavor. Not to mention it was allergy friendly for us. Next time I might add in the eggs back into the recipe, and see if that helps the texture and richness of the pudding. Here's the original pudding recipe I modified below if you'd like to make the pie this way as well.  

Happy ∏ Day

Egg and dairy-free pudding pie 


Vanilla Pudding Layer:

about 8 teaspoons flour
about 12 teaspoons sugar (~1/4 cup)
dash of salt
1 cup of vanilla-flavored soy milk
additional 1 tsp vanilla to taste

Chocolate Pudding Layer:about 8 teaspoons flour
about 12 teaspoons sugar (~1/4 cup)
dash of salt
1 cup of chocolate-flavored soy milk

Graham Cracker Pie Crust:1 package graham crackers
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup softened (dairy-free) margarine substitute 

In a food processor, crush one sleeve/package of graham crackers with the sugar. Add in softened margarine into the crumbs and pulse together until combined. Press crumbs into pie pan and pop into a preheated 400 degree oven and toast graham cracker crust for about 5 minutes or so, just until the crust starts to bind together. 

For the pudding, do each layer one at a time when you are ready, or else the pudding will set up before you are ready to pour it into the pie pan. Prepare your layers in the order you'd like. I did chocolate first, but it is up to you. 

Chocolate soy milk is my quick fix ingredient here, when I didn't have any chocolate to add in the pudding as the original recipe called for, I used chocolate milk instead! 

In a small sauce pan, add in flour, sugar, and salt. Add in soy milk and constantly whisk/stir mixture on low heat until it starts to get bubbly and thick. Remove from heat, and add in more vanilla extract flavoring if you need to the pudding. Pour the one pudding into the graham cracker crust, and begin next layer of pudding. Once you've repeated one of the batches of pudding, continue with the other and pour warm pudding on top of the other pudding layer slowly to avoid layers from mixing. Chill, slice and serve your pie! 

Happy Pi Day! 

How are you celebrating Pi day today?  :-) 
Maybe make a quiche, lemon tart, breakfast pie, or a pizza!  

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  1. I did not get around to making pie, darn for others! But I have a freezer full of over ripe bananas, and no one to bake banana bread for, so I am making banana ice cream....with walnuts. I can hardly wait! Thanks for stopping by..looks like your SRC reveal had some yummy stuff!