Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Yummy note: So continuing with my Sentimental Sunday series, I've found a recipe of mine that I was shocked I haven't blogged about yet. I have made it for countless gatherings as it is one of my old staple favorites. Many of my friends have been asking and telling me "I can't find that recipe on your site anywhere.." yikes! So I went looking back and found these great pics to go along with this recipe. I had taken them last summer, maybe early fall, as our little family hit up a local u-pick farm. They had some great peppers there, so we used them in this salsa. What is great about this black bean and corn salsa recipe, you don't need to have fresh ingredients for it to taste fantastic. A few canned or even frozen ingredients with a few fresh ingredients goes a long way to make a delicious quick salsa.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

about 1-2 lbs fresh tomatoes*
half of an onion, diced
minced garlic
can of seasoned black beans
couple of ears of corn on cob*
one or two peppers, diced*
handful of fresh cilantro, chopped
lime juice, from about half of a lime
salt to seasonings

*Yummy note: If fresh corn on the cob is not available, use a can or frozen mix of the Mexican corn or Southwest corn. If you do not have tomatoes to roast, a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes cuts down the prep time considerably. Also, the fire roasted red peppers in a jar are a good substitute as well.
Don't be afraid to substitute fresh with a canned or frozen variety in this recipe! It will help cut down your prep time and the salsa will come together faster.
If using the fresh ingredients, like the corn on the cob, tomatoes, onion, and peppers, toss them on a grill or place in the oven or stovetop and roast them a bit, along with the tomatoes and onion. Once cooled, cut the corn off cob, dice the onion, peppers, and tomatoes. 

In a large bowl, toss all of your ingredients together. Then add in a handful or so of chopped fresh cilantro and about a tablespoon of minced garlic. Squeeze in fresh lime juice. Finally, toss in drained seasoned black beans. Taste your salsa and season it with salt accordingly. Chill salsa for atleast an hour before enjoying and serve with tortilla chips.

Here's some pics of the kids at the farm getting ready to find our good eats! We hit up a Chicagoland area u-pick farm called Garden Patch Farms, where we had a good time finding out where some of our food comes from.


  1. Quick question....would you say that this is pretty mild? From the recipe it seems like there wouldn't be too much "kick". (I like it mild and do the kiddos.)

  2. Mild for sure, unless you add some crazy peppers or chiles in it. The canned Or frozen prepared mexicorn blends sometimes have a tiny kick but nothing too spicy at all. And I'm a pretty mild salsa person too. ;)