Saturday, August 27, 2011

soda pop jello salad

Yummy note: This is a super easy jello salad that doesn't take too long to make. We make it a lot for bigger family gatherings as it is a quick thrown together side salad and is usually a crowd pleaser. It sets up nicely and isn't too "jiggly" as the Cool Whip makes it more of a thicker, yet fluffy salad. I use the word salad, however, it might be considered more of a dessert, either way, it is a nice and fruity addition to any meal.

Soda Pop Jello Salad

1 can flavored soda pop (I used Hawaiian Punch but any fruit flavored soda pop will do)
1 can of 7-up/Sprite (or Lemon-Lime flavored soda pop)
2- 3 ounce packages of Jello (same flavor as the soda pop) (orange, strawberry, raspberry, and lime have worked well in the past)
1 small container of Cool Whip - thawed
*optional add-ins: a cup or so of berries, fruit, or fruity marshmallows

Yummy tip: If you can not find cans of soda pop, and you use bottle soda instead, remember a can is 12 ounces so you need about a 1 1/2 cups of pop.

Bring flavored pop to a boil. Pour over the Jello in a large bowl to dissolve.

I made the mistake of almost not using a large enough bowl and almost had overflow, so go bigger or be prepared for a mess later ;) Once stirred together, add the can of 7-up and let the bubbles settle a bit and stir.

Pour into a bowl and put into refrigerator until slightly thickened. This is honestly the hardest part, as I sometimes forget about it and get busy and then later when I check on it, it starts to set up just a bit too much. If it happens it is ok, it still works, you will just have to whip the Jello up a bit before putting in the Cool Whip. Once you have achieved the slightly thickened gel in the refrigerator, fold in the Cool Whip until incorporated well. For added yummy flavor, I will often fold in some additional fruit into the Jello salad at the end. Let salad chill for couple hours to set before serving.

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