Friday, June 17, 2011

garlic dill salmon

Yummy note: What I love about salmon is its mild flavor and texture. When cooked properly, it has such a great flaky texture, it seems to just melt in your mouth. Earlier this year, I went to a restaurant and oh boy, did they overcook the poor salmon. It was so dry, I almost requested a side a melted butter to dip it in to regain some moisture back. But, I thought that would be way to odd to request, so I used my side of smashed red potatoes to hide the dryness. After that experience I've been a bit shy of ordering salmon at the restaurants, so I enlisted my best grill cook instead, my husband. :) Drew's done a great job every time he's grilled the salmon for me, that I don't really miss ordering it out at restaurants now. So with a watchful eye and maybe a meat thermometer in hand you can make some easy delicious salmon fillets.

Garlic Dill Salmon

4 6-8 ounce salmon fillets (with skin on)
1/2 of a lemon, juiced (about 4 or 5 tbsp)
2-3 tsp dill
2 tsp prepared minced garlic
1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning
3-4 tbsp butter, melted
salt/pepper for seasoning

Melt butter. Stir in lemon juice, dill, garlic, and seasonings together. Brush the buttery mixture on the top of the salmon fillets. 

Preheat grill. Once grill has warmed up to medium heat (about 300-325), place salmon fillets, skin side down on the grill. Do not turn the salmon fillets until they are almost done, atleast 5-7 minutes or until they start to look more opaque. That last flip of the salmon only lasts for a few seconds, as you want it on long enough just enough to give you a nice grill mark on top. If using meat thermometer, salmon usually cooks to about 145 degrees for well done.


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